A pilot plant for individual product development and testing

Megatrex’s personalized customer service and customization is supported by a versatile pilot plant that provides an excellent framework for fast and efficient product development.  

At our pilot plant, we offer our customers the opportunity to test ATREX technology across various operational applications. This is part of our technical service we use to find the optimal equipment solutions for your process. In addition to our technical capabilities, you’ll also benefit from our extensive experience in processing different materials. 

The pilot plant area is about 800 m2 and houses many ATREX test units with various rotor-rotor packages and accessories, such as feed conveyors, variable-frequency drives, pumps, tanks, instruments, and sampling valves.

Examples of ATREX applications 

ATREX technology offers a wide range of material processing applications so you can choose the options that best suit your raw materials. Here are a few examples that illustrate the potential of ATREX technology. 


Mobile pilot units ready for service

In addition to our pilot plant in Lempäälä, you can also test an ATREX solution at your own site if you wish. This is made possible by our rentable mobile pilot units, which are designed to be easy to transport and install. Our experts can help you install the equipment and train your staff in its use. 

What kind of material processing do you want to boost your process? 

A versatile and long-term test history has given us the experience, expertise and technical capability to tackle the toughest challenges. Contact us and let’s discuss your process needs together! 

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equipment and process sales

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