ATREX® process equipment enables efficient and economical grinding, mixing, dispersing and chemical activation of various materials.

Megatrex is a global specialist in industrial materials processing. We develop and manufacture unique, high-performance ATREX® equipment and technology for demanding manufacturing processes.

Get the help of a knowledgeable, trusted partner

Megatrex can help you optimize the performance and cost-effectiveness of your processes. Our equipment will grind, mix, disperse and chemically activate different materials into the form required by your production processes.

We can provide you with tailored ATREX® solutions and help with product development and pilot projects – as well as maintenance and spare parts services to safeguard your production process.

ATREX® improves your profitability

We’ve developed the versatile applications of ATREX® to ensure reliable and efficient production processes. With ATREX technology, you can also recycle waste and byproducts from your production process for reuse. That way, you’ll optimize your use of raw materials, transform your waste stream costs into profit and implement a responsible circular economy – all at the same time.

ATREX processes combine

  • reliability
  • safe and easy operation
  • energy and cost efficiency
  • fast and easy serviceability
  • one-of-a-kind results.


Grinding • Mixing • Dispersing • Chemical activation