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Pilot Plant

The constant improvement of our Atrex- technology is a result of the high research activity performed by our R&D and mechanical engineering departments. 

Pilot Plant Facilities

At our site in Lempäälä (Finland), we have the opportunity to make pilot plant trials for several of our applications like mixing, grinding, dispersing, crushing etc. The total plant area is 800 m2 and we have several Atrex- pilot units including different kind of rotor-rotor packages. The Atrex- pilot units are equipped with various accessories as e.g.: feeding conveyors, inverters, pumps, tanks, instruments, manual and sampling valves.

The pilot plant has excellent facility for fast and efficient product development, and we are experienced in handling a wide variety of different kind of materials. The material size we normally work with here is from 1 to 1000 kg.

In our pilot plant we offer our customers a possibility to come and make small scale tests with our Atrex- technology. This is part of our technical service to our customers where we can work practically together to find most optimal solutions. 


Mobile pilot units

If a client prefer testing at their own site instead our pilot plant facility they can rent one of our mobile pilot units which are designed to be easily transported and installed. Megatrex Oy can provide personnel to assist and supervise the equipment installation and give introduction in the use of the pilot unit.


For a specific demand,
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