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Technology for Reject treatment and Recovery

ATREX® G-series provides a highly efficient, flexible and compact process to treat the reject flows from the paper and board machines. This reject flow, which contains valuable minerals and fibers, can amount from 1 up to even 4% of the total tonnage of the paper or board production line, and is in many cases hauled to the landfill. With the ATREX® system most of the valuable minerals and fibers can be recovered and reused in the process.



The ATREX® reject recovery process has been developed and run a extensive trials at a number of paper and board mills. The first units were installed and started up in early 1999. Over 70 units are running worldwide. We can offer trial runs at the customer's mill with the transportable pilot unit.

Economical considerations

When analysing the economical impact of this process for the mill, one has to take in account the value of the recycled raw materials and the savings of the transportation of the reject and the charges for landfilling. Typically these considerations lead to a payback time of 4 to 12 months.


  • More than 95% of the reject stream recovered back to the process
  • Enviromentally friendly  process
  • Fast return on investmens
  • Stable operation
  • No clogging problems
  • Compact and durable process design
  • Pre-assembled and skid mounted > Easy to install 
  • Wide capacity area
  • Fast and easy maintenance