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Continuous dispersing with ATREX®-technology

ATREX® G-series provides the next generation continuous slurrying process the excellence of wich has been proved with all different minerals. All particles to be introduced into the unit have to pass through the strong shear zone.In this way the original particle size distribution of minerals, stability of the finished slurry and preventing the agglomeration, are achieved by the  ATREX®-technology easier than with conventional equipments.

The greate advantage of the ATREX®-disperser compared to the conventional batch mixer is its very compact structure and continuous operation, which together enable a great capacity with low investment costs. The installation of the unit in already existing slurry processing units is relatively effortless and this is how a batch-typed slurry processing unit can be transformed into a continuous one.



Quality aspects

  • Exact and simultaneous dosages of water - chemical - pigment done by weighing balance and flow meters connected together
  • High turbulence, high shear velocities and inter particle collisions generated inside the mixing chamber guarantee very rapid wetting of pigment
  • At the same time very high shear forces improve chemical bound of surfaces of separated pigment particles
  • As all agglomerates and particles of fed pigments must pass through these forces, the final dispersion fully meets the programmed requirements
  • Stability of dispersion is very good, as re-flocculation of pigment particles will not occur due to the chemicals on all separate particles


  • Continuous operation
  • Good slurry quality, high solids
  • Short mixing and residence time
  • Extremely high shear, turbulence and impact forces
  • Energy efficient
  • Compact one floor lay out
  • Easy mobility > Mobile Continuous Slurry Plant